Four years ago, after teaching a burlesque workshop, I was approached by a breast cancer survivor who had taken my class in order to “Re-Vamp her mojo” post treatment. She told me that she had been asked to participate in a photo shoot in which she would be photographed without her wig “to show the ugly side of cancer.” She explained that she declined involvement in the project because she feared that the experience would make her feel ‘sick’ and like a victim on display. I was struck by this idea of the ‘victim on display’ and became interested in creating an alternate way of capturing cancer survivors. I wanted to photograph people; not their disease and I wanted to give women the opportunity to choose how they represented their post cancer bodies. Thus, Jordan and I founded Pink Ribbon Pin-Ups 2010.

Much of the original Pink Ribbon Pin-Ups team were the creative team from my television show Re-Vamped on the Slice Network. It was their vision that brought this from an idea to the large-scale project it is today. Now, many more creative minds, volunteers and visionaries have joined the Pink Ribbon Pin-Ups team and without them, this dream could not be a reality.

Kaitlyn Regehr, Executive Director, Concept Creator

Thank you to the entire team:

Kaitlyn Regehr — Executive Director, Co-Founder
Jordan Balaban — Executive Producer, Co-Founder
Laurel Sopher — Project Manager
Dana Brushette — Photographer
Kathryn McEwen — Wardrobe Stylist
Marie Poulin — Calendar Design, Website Design
David Mackenzie — Behind the Scenes Film Direction & Photography
David Burkinshaw Camera Assistant & Additional Stills
Jennifer Shepherd — Military Costume Design

Hair & Makeup

Amilee Hagon Head of Hair & Makeup
Jaimie Rankin
Sydney Fleury
Sali El-Dib
Chan Sananikone
Rhea Solberg
Sandy Huynh
Courney Wong
Jennifer Leese
Danielle Shielke
Susan Veinot 


Rhonda Stowell
Colleen Guse
Lynn Scragg
Selective Prop Rentals 

Special Thanks

Brad Conrad
Ron Switzer
Kassia Warshawski
Howard Silver
Lanny Williamson
Stu Wilson
Direct Focus
Alanna Hagon
Diana Lefebvre
Renée Hopfner
Aurelia Pascale
Leslie-Anne McPherson