Pink Ribbon Pin-Ups is a vintage pin-up girl calendar where all models are women living with, or who have survived breast cancer. Treatments for breast cancer can strip away at some of the things used to define ourselves as women. Thus, in addition to physical trauma, breast cancer is often associated with a variety of psycho-social issues surrounding romantic relationships, sexuality and feminine identity.

The calendar was founded in order to bring awareness to the community, promote healthy body image and, most importantly, provide a space in which women can embrace their femininity and sexuality, either during or after treatment. While achieving these goals, we are also pleased to be raising money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and supporting all their many groundbreaking initiatives.

Thanks to our sponsor Canada Safeway, our other generous sponsors and our tremendous team of volunteers, 100% of the proceeds of the calendar will support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Kaitlyn Regehr, Executive Director and
Jordan Balaban, Executive Producer